Why Do I Run?

My main motivation for running is to get my daily dose of exercise. I know that if I get moving at a somewhat decent speed, I can get my heart rate up to improve my overall health. But I’m vain too; I want to burn a lot of calories. I want to be fit. No shame in that (I think).

Once I get outside and get a little sweat going, sometimes my mind will wander to a far off place. When this happens, I forget less about the distance, how fast I’m going, or where my next mile marker will be. I start solving problems. I mentally walk through my daily issues and try to figure out how I can do things better. Recently, I’ve thought about ways that will make The Great Mother’s Day Race, or The Great Father’s Day Race, one of the best 5K events in the area. This is the time when running is FUN!

However, many times running is simply not fun. Many times, running is a burden, something that I really don’t feel like doing. Deep down, it’s probably inherently laziness, but boy, can I come up with “good” reasons not to go running! Sometimes, my knee aches. Sometimes, I just want to eat. Sometimes can turn in to days, which sometimes leads to weeks. Better to squash those sometimes and get out there and do what you have to do.

The best feeling during a run is when I’m just cruising; when my breathing is at ease, when I have no muscle aches, when it seems like I can just run forever. That feeling I get, when running is easy, is why I run. Because I know that at that exact moment I am at my best, doing what I want to be doing, and owning it.


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