For the Love of It

Why do Claire and I organize The Great Father’s Day Race in Tampa and Sarasota? It’s simple; we want to create amazing 5K races that families can do together. From beginners, to experts, we love to see smiling, sweaty families, crossing the finish line together.

Imagine a seasoned runner, and a beginner, lining up at the start of the race. They’re both nervous; one wants a PR (Personal Record), the other just hopes to finish. Both are excited about the race: the smells, the athletes, the feeling in your body.

BOOM. The starting gun goes off. The running veteran blasts off, but the beginner keeps up. For the first 200 meters they are both equal, both champions, but then the slower runner starts to tail off.

The seasoned runner runs hard, efficient, and skips the first water station. No time for that. He blasts forward.

The beginner walks through the first water station, gulping the first cup that gets handed to him. Then, he dumps a second cup over his head. He continues walking. He’s tired, but feels exhilerated.

The fast individual finsihes the race, collects the medal, smiles for pictures. But suddenly, he jogs back to meet his friend, who by now is close to finishing, and then they finish the race together.

Claire and I see that scenario every year. And every year it gets better and better.



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